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Good morning/afternoon Senator ___________,


I am writing today to ask you to vote NO on House Bill 637 and Senate Bill 119, both of which would take away the power of the Department of Environmental Protection to enact a carbon reduction program similar to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.


Now is not the time for political posturing and games. The climate crisis is worsening by the day, and Pennsylvanians are still in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic that attacks the respiratory system and is made exponentially worse by poor air quality and pollution.


I expect my elected officials to do everything in their power to address the climate crisis, not cater to the wishes of corporate polluters who value profits over the health of Pennsylvanians. Now is precisely the wrong time to block attempts to improve our air quality and lessen our pollution.


Please do the right thing and vote NO on HB 637 and Senate Bill 119. Thank you.




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