Scranton Forest.png
  • 38 miles

    • Simpson or Forest City Trailhead to Starucca (or New York State Line)

  • Trail roughly parallels Bicycle PA Route L.

  • Traces the former corridor of the Delaware & Hudson Railway, a line that primarily carried anthracite coal out of the Lackawanna Valley in the second half of the 19th century.

  • Heading north on the D&H on an improved crushed-stone surface, the trail follows the Lackawanna River, crossing it four times in the first few miles.

  • The scars of coal mining are evident in the beginning, but after passing Forest City, about 5 miles along the route, the trail passes into the scenic Endless Mountains Region, known for farmlands, stone walls, and forests.

  • Sandpipe Outfall: Notice the rusty pipe in the stream bed. It discharges cold water from a closed mine. Known as the Sandpipe Outfall, it is a source of acid mine drainage (AMD) into the Lackawanna River.