Starting My Walk

April 29th- This week I decided to get a head start on my "hiking" which is more like walking. As you all know, I am not an athlete, so I decided to try and walk a mile every day to reach my 50 miles. Several days ago I began by walking up and down my long winding driveway back and forth to reach a mile.

I believe our creator speaks to us through nature. I had an interesting interaction the minute I began my walk. A few steps into it, I was suddenly greeted by three beautiful, tiny birds that skittered around me and ahead of me, merrily chirping. This reminded me of a scene from Snow White in a Disney cartoon. They kept flying ahead of me, and then landing, and then repeating this for about a minute. I felt like my walk was being baptized or sanctioned. It felt very special to me.

Thanks to all my friends and family for coming through and sponsoring me. I was humbled by your response!


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