Old Reliable - D&H Trail

While I was on the hike in the Delaware State Forest, the Scranton Goes Green team texted that they wanted to ride that evening on the D&H. So off we went for our first ride of the season - it was drizzling in Scranton, but by the time we reached the Simpson trailhead it was full on RAINING. Nothing deterred them and off we went. Mud splattered up our backs and fronts and in our mouths - so much fun! We had a bit of a late start so only got in just under 14 miles before it was too dark (takes a while to find the right configuration for 4 bikes on the rack!). Everyone was excited to be out again. We stopped on one of the bridges that sports a portion of the old train tracks and took notice of the natural gas pipeline that funnels the gas from the wells west of us to the natural gas power plant on PA-6 that we passed on the way to the trailhead. You can see the yellow gas line posts in the distance. The D&H Rail Trail is absolutely beautiful - gorgeous river, world class fly fishing, wildlife (I saw a porcupine and Kingfishers on Monday when I hiked this 10-mile portion of the trail), wetlands, quiet (nature quiet that is), and more. The wind turbines that line the ridge to the east were not visible this day out, but they are there as a reminder that we have more ways to perfect a renewable future.


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