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I had the opprotunity (BLESSING) of riding both on Saturday and Sunday mornings before the obligations of the day took my time. I started both days around 5:00am, when most of humanity was still at rest, leaving the songs of the birds, the smells of the damp soil, the fragrance of the budding flowers all to me! This is my sacred time. I feel at one with creation and one with Creator! I don't like to think of myself as a selfish person but oh...... I am glad that most folks are not yet awake while I can lavish in this beauty!

The moon was still out as I started both mornings. There was a cool breeze before the temps would rise to the 90s later both days. Sister Moon (as St. Francis would call her) blessed me with her gentle light. She blessed all! I rode on the Lackawanna Heritage Trail close to West Scranton where I live. The rains swelled the Lackawanna Rover so I could hear her voice as I rode although I could only see her later on during the ride when the sun rose. Oh how marvelous to ride, aware of my body and my breathing and my life as a part of the greater body and life of the planet! Aside from the machine that I was riding, everything else was natural. I felt one with all. And I held that contemplative moment most of the ride.

I did stop along the way to read a sign about the indigenous peoples who once lived along the banks of the river. The sign read: "Haudenosaunee (Iroquoi) believed the Creator gifted them with the Susquehanna and Lackawanna rivers, and considered them to be the actual bloodline of Mother Earth. They promised the Creator they would protect the rivers forever." Wow...... maybe that is what I was expereincing along my ride; that oneness with the indigenous peoples. Maybe that is the intention of my heart today; that I (we) might see Earth and our relationship with her as a sacred bloodline, a kinship, a home.

Oh Creator God, you know the intentions of my heart. Give me the courage to live in right relationship with people, planet and all that she holds. What if we would learn from our indigenous friends of past and present...... what they have to teach us....what we still have to learn! Amen.


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