Intentions of the Heart (2)

With good intentions of getting in a few miles around the neighborhood at 5;30 am on Saturday morning, I found my bike with a completely flat tire. So, I made the most of the time and did a run/walk through much of the neighborhood of West Scranton, going through the many alleys where backyards are filled with all sorts of flowering bushes and trees, my absolute favorite being the LILAC. The smell of the lilac brings back all sorts of beautiful childhood memories including friendly neighbors who shared boquets with other neighbors, to the aroma of lilacs filling our house for a brief time in mid May every year, to the annaul May Crowning in our Catholic Grade School where a statue of the Blessed Mother was crowned with a ring of woven lilac branches! Lilac smells remind me something of days of yore, Lilacs are like an old fashioned flower and I wait for their blooming every year!

So I used the time to run, walk, wonder, and hold in my heart all those good folks who appreciate the beauty of the simple things and I pray for those who do not have the opportunity to expereince these beautiful gifts of nature. I especially pray for the children.

On May 15th, Melinda Krokus and I planned a 20 mile bike ride on the northern part of the Lackawanna Heritage Traill. Beacuse I discovered my flat only yesterday afternoon, I used my good old (probably 40 year old) thin tired racing bike instead! I remembered Fay who was nurse at Holy Cross High School in Delran, NJ. One day at lunch (back around 1992) we were talking about biking and hiking and she noted that although I enjoyed it all I did not have my own bike. A few days after our conversation, Fay presented me with this bike which she picked up at a flea market in 1992... for $10.00! The bike has 10 speeds and duct tape around the handle bars but she (the old bike) did just fine today! Actually this bike has been a faithful companion for many years. I kept up with melinda on her mountain bike....or maybe she just slowed down for me...either way, we had a great morning!

Melinda and I shared much on our 10 miles out and 10 miles back. We stopped at a general store along the way and took a break with some of the best homemade raspberry torte that I have ever eaten. Yum!

And so...... I offer this ride as a prayer for Earth and all her creatures...the wild turkey, the turkey buzzards, the various birds, the poodle puppy....and for all the critters that we did not see but know are there, hidden among the trees, doing their thing in the web of life!

Creator God knows the intnetons of my heart!


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