Intentions of the Heart

As a lover of life and the great outdoors, I do this bike ride with a prayer intention in my heart. Beacuse of a tight work/life/travel schedule, I am doing a good part of the 100 mikes alone, although I will join my friend and co-board member Melinda on at least one good ride.

As I ride, I am aware of the beautry: the smells of the Spring blooms and the earthy soil, the sight of the colors of flora and fauna and varieties of green, the feel of the sun's warmth as well as the coolness of the breeze. I ride with a sesne of gratitude in my heart.

I hold all of this beauty of Earth as well as her tears for what we have done and what we continue to do to her. I contemplate a world where we care for each other and for all creation with such reverence that we know that there will be a future for those yet to be born. I pray for the creatures who are no longer with us and I pray for a transformation of human hearts, my own and those of humanity. I pray for all those who work for a better world, a fairer world, a more just and equitable world for everyone and every creature. I Imagine a world where we "walk as if we are kissing Earth with our feet." (Thich Nhat Hanh).

And so I bike alone most of time; sometimes on a longer trail, other times in the local neighborhood, and on rainy days, on a stationary bike. The where is not so important as the why. I bike because I cherish the solidarity with every living creature and with Creator God.

And when I get a little too serious about things, God has a way of bringing humor into my life. I look at my photographs and laugh at myself as i realize that as I donned my new bicycle helmet, I wore it backwords for the last two rides. Oh well..... Creator God knows the intentions of my heart. that is what matters. Ride on.......

New helmet (backwards) on Lackwanna Heritage Trail

Lackawanna Trail Section

Old helmet after local ride around Dunmore

after native tree/flower planting at IHM Land Restoration

Planting native trees and annuals


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