Great First "Eco-Solutions" Ride for Philly Riders!

Updated: May 14, 2021

While today's ride started out in a light rain, the weather quickly cleared up as our hearty group of Philly riders rode 25 miles on the "Eco-Solutions" Schuykill River Trail. We started out with a brief ritual of introductions, a niggun (wordless melody), a prayer for the earth, and shofar blowing for good measure! And we learned that only 2% of Philadelphians commute to work by bike; the city hopes to double that percentage soon. But the biggest factor to increase bike ridership is expanding trail infrastructure. In this light, the Bicycle Coalition of Philadephia and other organizations are working with the City to expand the network of circuit trails in and around Philadelphia from its current 350 miles to 800 miles by 2040. Let's keep advocating for this! It was also nice to see a brand new electric vehicle charging station on Ridge Ave. and Domino Lane - another Eco-solutions bonus. Also proud of my daughter Dasi and her friend Yossi who were our youngest and most intrepid riders today!


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