D & H Trail - Day 3

Third day in a row on the D & H and Sr. Donna Korba, IHM (PA IPL Board member) joined me for a fantastic 30-mile ride starting mid afternoon in Simpson! I didn't take any other photos because we just rode and rode and rode. Being my third day on this trail I was able to assure her that the return 15-mile ride on the slight downhill grade was going to be less effort for 3-4 more miles per hour and indeed that was the case and it felt great. The rail car pictured above is along the trail and marks the location of Cable's General Store where we both enjoyed an ice cream sandwich on the Adirondack chairs before we continued on for another 5 miles before turning back. We saw deer, Wood Thrushes, American Redstart, Blue Jays, and American Robins along the way with the iridescent green Tiger Beetles (I'm convinced that's what they are) and LOTS of gnats on the return (goggles or glasses would have been great). Looking forward to Advocacy Weekend coming up May 22nd and 23rd to direct some of the energy we have been feeling, seeing, and pondering into concrete civil action. Peace to you all!


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