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D & H Rail Trail - Day 4

We had 2 new riders with us today, Saturday May 22nd! Ella Cohen is pictured here on the left (you can sponsor her too) and my husband, Christian Krokus, also joined us for the 30-mile ride from Simpson to Herrick Center. The promise of lunch at Cables General Store definitely kept us going this morning. Josephine (also pictured here) made it to 62 miles on this trip and I'm at 92. It was another day of showing off the beauty of the trail and the many opportunities along its path to ponder and discuss our shared climate history, present reality, and choices for the future. The girls asked what exactly is the problem with natural gas? As we are riding through the clear "dirtiness" of old coal deposits between Simpson and Forest City. Don't solar panels have some toxicity problems? The wind turbines of the Waymart Wind Farm all the while spun in the background of these literal "moving" conversations; their turning arms visible in a clearing in Forest City as we head north, in the crook of the crisscross mountains looking south at Stillwater Dam, and along a ridge in front of us on the return to Simpson (didn't realize they were watching our back on the way up!).

We missed the Advocacy Day on Saturday, but joined in on Sunday. Thanks Amani and David for leading a great conversation.


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