Central PA Ride on May 19, 2021

Today's bike ride: part of the PA IPL 2021 bike "trip." #PAIPLonBikes

From my home in central PA, I have quick access to bike trails that make their way over and around Slab Cabin Run (part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed) and through Millbrook Marsh Nature Center. At the Marsh, they are working to control non-native invasive species of plants and replace them with native species. This multi-year project will "provide ecological structure for reproduction, foraging and enhancement of species diversity" while helping to keep non-native species from taking hold again. https://www.crpr.org/mmnc-conservation-sustainability

A little further on, along Orchard Road, there is a solar array project where Penn State Office of Physical Plant and the Alternative Energy Development Group cooperate to create energy for use on campus. Instead of just planting grass around the solar array, they have planted vegetation that will attract and sustain pollinators.


I live in a beautiful part of the state, surrounded by the natural world. I am grateful that so many folks are working to care for creation and reduce and repair the impact humans have on our environment. We have a long way to go, but it is good to have so many organizations and individuals working together on creation care!

Find out more about Pennsylvania Interfaith Power and Light and how 58 of us are biking (and hiking) 100 miles from May 8-30 to help raise awareness, advocacy and funds to improve our care of the environment and God's creation here in Pennsylvania.

Photos are:.

Slab Cabin Run

Slab Cabin Run

Habitat restoration info Solar array on Orchard Road


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