Allegheny River ride

I started with a 15 mile exploratory ride along the Allegheny river to the lock and dam #2, then up Washington Boulevard to the Highland Park bike track. I got hit with a little hail to start going down Lime Hollow Road, but only had to stop for a moment.

At the lock I spotted a coyote, but it turned out to be a very realistic fake one. It looked real enough, even with hair blowing in the wind, so I wasn't sure until I spotted a second one inside the lock fence. I think it was to scare away geese. I did see some geese and gosling a way up lock road, but the only goose droppings nearby the coyote were in a hidden observation spot, so maybe it was working.

I then went by the Highland Park bike park and got a photo of a rider going around the banked track. Then I headed home passed Veterans Center and over the hills along Lincoln Road.

Jim Morgan Pittsburgh


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