• Approximately 35 miles one way
    • North Hills Area of Pittsburgh - Butler County

    • Laneville to outside Butler suggested

  • The Trail is the corridor of the remarkably diverse Buffalo Creek Watershed in the southeast quadrant of Butler County.

  • Starting in Laneville, the trail follows Buffalo Creek for over 3 miles through the forest of the Buffalo Creek Gorge.

  • Spectacular view of the Buffalo Creek Gorge can be seen from bridge on Route 28 a mile north of the Sarver-Freeport exit.

  • The Trail then goes along Little Buffalo Creek for another 8 miles, crossing the creek seven times.

  • The Trail offers a level, natural crushed limestone surface with a gradual uphill grade as it travels north (barely noticeable to walkers) and the converse downhill grade as it travels south (greatly enjoyed by bicyclists).

map - Butler-Freeport Community