Philadelphia 2.png
  • Also known as the Pennsylvania segment of the East Coast Greenway, the current route takes the cyclist through the heart of Philadelphia. It will be shifted gradually to off-road facilities as they are developed. It’s a convenient connection between Trenton, NJ and Wilmington, DE and connects with BicyclePA Route S along the Schuylkill Trail. BicyclePA routes were designed by experienced bicyclists to provide bicycling members of the traveling public who wish to traverse the state with a guide to some of the Commonwealth’s highways and rail-trails. Few of these routes contain bike lanes or other facilities designed specifically for bicyclists traveling within the four corners of the Commonwealth.

  • The section of BicyclePA Route E heading south from the Schuylkill River Trail toward Delaware runs “straight through a refinery area that makes a unique, yet unexpectedly pleasant, travel experience.”