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Dear Senator/Legislator  ___________,


Methane pollution from the oil and gas industry is a public health and a climate emergency. We applaud the Senate for taking this step towards reinstating the EPA’s 2016 methane pollution safeguards that protect public health and reduce methane pollution from oil and gas development. This action by Congress Is a powerful signal that they expect and support the EPA’s efforts to quickly move ahead with updating and strengthening these standards to levels that will protect frontline communities and  prevent a worsening of the climate climate crisis. We need stronger  rules that use the full power of the Clean Air Act to cut methane emissions 65 percent by 2025. Methane pollution threatens the health of our families and fuels the climate crisis.


You must take swift action as a part of their bold climate agenda to build on this important start, leverage EPA’s authority and cut methane pollution from new and existing oil and gas operations by 65 percent below 2012 levels in the next five years. That is an achievable target that can be met at low-cost by enforcing the full powers of the Clean Air Act.  There’s no time to waste. Our children’s health and the future of the planet hang in the balance; the administration must double down on the Senate’s actions today before it’s too late.




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