• 19.7 miles

  • Goes past vanished coal boomtowns and tourist resorts. the Stony Creek Valley was a big attraction site for lumbering and coal mining companies around the 1820s due to its abundance of natural resources. “Starting from the western trailhead, you’ll experience a slight but steady grade for 13.0 miles, and then a downhill journey for the remainder of the route. You’ll cross a bridge at 5.7 miles over Rattling Run, which shares its name with an old coal mining town up the hill. At 9 miles, a footpath on the right heads uphill to a deteriorating stone tower.” TrailLink. The Coldspring Road parking location marks the location of an old 200-room tourist resort where spring waters were located for tourists to soak and relax. The springs got swept away by a fire in 1900.

map - Stony Valley Rail Trail.png