Blank Envelopes

Dear Senator/Legislator  ___________,


I support the Clean School Bus Act because it will help clean up our air and keep our children safe and healthy.


Prior to the pandemic, tens of millions of children rode on diesel school buses twice a day, and as schools reopen, too many of our kids will be back on these polluting vehicles. These school buses release toxic pollution into our air, which puts our kids’ health at risk and has even shown to decrease attendance, particularly for students who suffer from asthma or other respiratory conditions.


That’s why we need you, Congress to pass the Clean School Bus Act now. It would give schools the resources they need to start replacing their dirty diesel school buses with clean, electric buses, as well as funds for charging infrastructure and worker training.


We have the ability to help our children breathe easier by making these simple but important investments in clean, electric buses.





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