The People Making it Happen

Bike 100 Miles / Hike 50 Miles

  • Riders should be comfortable riding a medium-length distance (~25 miles) in order to complete the 100 miles in the three weeks between May 1st and 29th.

    • Pre-ride Training suggestions

    • Tune up bicycles before the May ride

  • We encourage riders to choose at least one of the legs of their journey from among our Green Futures Routes that highlight particular features of a clean energy future (e.g. greenway bike trail, solar or wind installation, Green building, regenerative agriculture, etc.) or a “Fossil-Fuel Infrastructure” Routes that highlight the environmental and social injustices associated with our current fossil fuel infrastructure (e.g. a route that passes by natural gas extraction, refineries, fossil  fuel power plants, dumping stations, etc.)



  • ​Our goal is to have each cyclist raise a minimum of $250 (e.g. 10 sponsors/$25). These funds will be used to support PA IPL programs and its operation throughout the state.

    • To facilitate fundraising, riders will submit a short bio, why they are riding, and photo for their fundraising page hosted on this website. A link to this fundraising page can then be sent out to friends and family to more easily generate support.

    • PA IPL staff are available to coach and support riders in this effort.

    • Riders will pay a $25 registration fee when registering for the ride and this $25 will be applied to the $250 total.

  • How to find sponsors

    • If riders are connected with a particular faith community or community of conscience, we would encourage them to organize a presentation about the ride. This will give riders an opportunity to talk about their experience and the issues they are advocating about. PA IPL staff or Board would be happy to be participants in the presentation to offer more background and context about PA IPL as an organization.​



  • Riders and/or their supporters will engage in environmental advocacy by writing at least 4 letters to their Federal Congressional Representative and Senators and one State representative regarding this year’s Advocacy Focus Areas.

  • PA IPL will provide riders with background information sheets and sample letter guidelines to facilitate this effort.



  • Finally, we encourage each rider to record a short video (2 minutes or less) sharing either a highlight from one of their rides, an insight and/or a hope for the future.

    • If needed PA IPL staff can assist riders by recording video on a Zoom call for riders if they are unable to effectively record on other devices (e.g. a smartphone).

    • PA IPL will use some of these videos to create a montage for the Closing Ceremony and, with your permission, to share on our PA IPL website.