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Rabbi Meryl Crean


Mishkan Shalom, Philadelphia




I started riding a hand-me-down bike with no seat, no brakes, and only stubs for pedals when I was four years old. I was hooked. For my sixth birthday, I got my first bike. My feet couldn’t reach the pedals from the seat. “You’ll grow into it,” they said. I never had a seat before anyway, so I didn’t miss it. Forget the driver’s license, all I wanted for my 16th birthday was a 10-speed. Equipped with my new Peugeot, I went on my first bike trip with American Youth Hostels that summer - 400 miles through the Green Mountains. I feel most free and most grounded in my body when I am riding.

A few years ago, I began to combine my love of riding with my activism and my spiritual practice. Climate change is everyone’s problem and it is also a matter of social and economic justice. It is untenable, as a moral being, to stand by and do nothing.

Legislating for sane energy policy is one way we can move our country and communities in the right direction.

The clock is ticking…Please join us in our effort to pass on this world to our children as a beautiful and sustainable home for all.


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