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Laura Johnson

Scranton Goes Green





Hello! I am part of ScrantonGoesGreen — a youth environmental awareness group in Scranton! We are biking as a team this year to get out into Northeastern PA and enjoy the rich nature and history that NEPA holds, but also to see where humans have disturbed this nature in the form of pipelines or coal/ash deposits. We are excited to do this bike as a group of friends and grow closer not only to each other but also to our environment!

Thank you for sponsoring me and our team in this ride and giving money to this organization that is dedicated to protecting our environment and motivating others to join in!

If you’re interested, you can check our group out on instagram: @scrantongoesgreen and our website: to see what we’re up to or join us if you are a high schooler in Scranton who is interested in environmental activism!!


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