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Pam Kosty

Pam Kosty

MLUC Environmental Justice Team


Main Line Unitarian Church




Unitarian Universalists share several principals, one being “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” We are always making changes to our living faith: perhaps “Reverence” would be a better word than “respect.”

I ride because I, like all of us, am a part of this miraculous web of life—and today, our Earth is imperiled by climate change. I can not ignore this truth, and so I join this ride. One hundred miles on my aging body will be a challenge, but nothing like the challenge we all face if we do nothing to draw down greenhouse gases and clean up toxins that threaten our health and environment.

I ride to remind myself of the Earth’s beauty and abundance in springtime, to see the blue herons nesting, delight in wildflowers, take in the cool shade of a giant oak, pedal with and against the wind, and hear stream waters trickling over rocks. I ride to remember what it is that I love—and to take a stand to save it for my children and for future generations.


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