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Melinda Krokus

Melinda Krokus


Ansari Qadiri Rifai Sufi Order and the Islamic Center of Scranton




My love of nature, cycling, and spirituality all came together one fall semester in Middlebury, VT in 1990. I was an environmental studies major in my first year of college, bought my first mountain bike (was a roady until then), and had the privilege to meet the Dalai Lama who was the Keynote speaker at a conference on Spirit and Nature. Since then my understanding of these three interests - nature, spirit, and cycling - have been deepening over time and have become the fabric of my personal, professional, and volunteer life.

I have enjoyed riding rugged single-track trails in Vermont, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico as well as well-groomed trails in Florida, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania with my family. As a Board Member of PAIPL, this bike ride is an opportunity to continue this weave of interests so that all life - now and in the future - may enjoy and thrive in Spirit and Nature. It is important to not only bear witness to those places and people that suffer due to environmental degradation and pollution, but to join our lives with theirs, energized by the resilience and beauty of North East PA.


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