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Hadassah Weinmartin

Hadassah Weinmartin


Germantown Jewish Centre




As someone who values environmental activism, the PA IPL bike ride is a great way for me to put my values into action. Even young people like myself can make a difference. And we need to act now before it is too late. Thanks for your support!


Barbara and Louis Nivert
Sheila Weinberg
Geoff Skigen
Betsy Teutsch
Adina Abramowitz
Howard Spodek
Deborah Stern
Dove Nasir
Maynard Seider
Donna Humphries
Aaron Seider
Ariel Martin
Aleza Martin
Muriel and Martin Dance
Jolee Pink
Bruce Berman
Nancy Martin
Ella Shreiner
Susan Jaeger
Dorna Silverman/Weinberg
Cheryl Pyrch
Rachel Falkove
Barbara Fisher
Seth Lieberman

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