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Bill Cozzens

Bill Cozzens


Germantown Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
PA IPL Board Member and Treasurer




This is my second PA IPL bike ride. I want to build awareness of climate change as a serious threat and to encourage our local, state, and national leaders to take bold, decisive action to address the problem. The greatest burden of climate change falls most heavily on those least responsible for causing it, both internationally and within our country. Thus, climate change is not only an environmental disaster but also a serious issue of social and economic justice. My Quaker faith calls me to work in community not only for an earth restored but also for a society with equity and justice for all. PA IPL and the bike ride re-enforce my belief that people of diverse faith communities can connect and work together to begin healing the planet and addressing injustice. Climate change will not be stopped in my lifetime or as a direct result of my actions, but I feel an obligation to address the problem in whatever way I can. And I believe that by working together faith communities and individuals of faith can move our society and economy in the right direction. Finally, for me the ride and our advocacy are tangible expressions of our determination to succeed in restoring a healthy planet and a just society. Thank you for your interest and support of the ride and PA IPL's important work!


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Deborah Stern
Donna Humphries
Cheryl Pyrch
Barbara Fisher
Robert G Smith
Ruth Seeley
Betsy Crofts
Randal and Leanna Whitman
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